The following bats are BANNED from all league play and tournaments in the Garden City Softball Program:

- Miken Freak
- Miken Maniac
- Miken Psycho
- Easton Synergy
- Worth GTL
- Worth Mayhem


Official Game Ball of Garden City Softball

Official Game Ball of Garden City Softball

Action on Altered Bats

Effective Tuesday, April 17, 2012, the Garden City Adult Softball Program will be cracking down on players using illegal and altered bats during official league play in Garden City. This effort is for the safety and well-being of the players paticipating in our leagues. Michigan USSSA has a number of rules and standards of what constitutes an "altered bat" or "illegal bat." Please visit the FORMS PAGE to download information taken from the Michigan USSSA website.

Please be advised, any umpire, league staff member, or League Commissioner, can request to confiscate your bat at any time if being used during a Garden City League game. If you chose NOT to comply, you may do so, but it will result in a 2-year suspension from ALL USSSA affiliated events, both leagues and tournaments.