History of Champions

Season/Level League Champs Playoff Champs
2013-2014 Bandits Bandits
2014-2015 Bandits Chirp Hard
Fall 2015 B/C Chirp Hard CARite
Fall 2015 D Penalty Shots The Punishers
Winter 2016 B/C Chirp Hard Warriors
Winter 2016 D Ducks Ducks
Spring 2016 C Premature Shooters Premature Shooters
Fall 2016 Sun B/C Zambeauties Sports Venue
Fall 2016 Sun C/D Team RAMROD The Punishers
Fall 2016 Mon C/D DO Apparel Raters
Winter 2017 Sun B/C Zambeauties The Pond Rockets
Winter 2017 Sun C/D Dead Wings Dead Wings
Winter 2017 Mon C/D Raters Raters
2017-2018 B/C Flyers Cold Ones
2017-2018 C/D The Punishers Western Wayne Fire
2018-2019 B/C Cold Ones Cold Ones
2018-2019 C/D Brotherhood Sports Brotherhood Sports
Spring 2019 Detroit's Own N/A