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What is Broomball?

Broomball is skateless ice hockey with a rubber ball instead of a puck. Teams of six or more including a goalie each, use “brooms” (lacrosse sticks with a small paddle at the end) to pass and shoot the ball into the opposing team’s net.  Broomball is fairly easy to learn and a great way to stay active.  The environment is fun and friendly, even when everybody’s frantically shuffling toward the goals. 

Drop-In Information

All sessions are open to Men and Women ages 16 and up. Cost is $8.00 per session. Sign-In starts 30 mins before the posted time. Wednesday Nights from 9:00-10:30PM.

  • Rental Sticks and Helmets for $2.50 
  • Max of 28 people allowed
  • Signed waiver required